Graflex "Bag Mag" Cut Film Magazine

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Graflex "Bag Mag" Cut Film Magazine

Post by sanchell » Sat Jun 18, 2016 6:54 pm

This 4x5" film holder will load 12 sheets at a time. It is a very old system, predating film packs, Grafmatics, etc.

The mag on the left is in very good condition, though the bag may be developing a light leak - haven't used it in years. The darkslide is broken. You will need to take a darkslide from another holder and sand it down to fit - pretty easy to do.

The mag on the right is pretty banged up and missing the darkslide, though it is probably still usable with some minor maintenance Either that or use it for spare parts for the other.

There is a good post online on how to use them as they are 100% manual. ... zines.html

If you would just like a piece of photo history, that's okay.

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