Different Color Infrared Film available

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Harald Leban
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Different Color Infrared Film available

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Hi Friends,
I got the information from Dean Bennici that he has again Color infrared film from a new/different source to offer.
Here is the original mail, if you are interested , please contact Dean directly:

Hello Everyone,
You are getting this mail because of your past interest in my infrared film.

CIR 120
I have a new color infrared film which is more affordable. This film is from an unknown origin and does not appear to be Aerochrome. I have it from a supplier in Russia. The container has only a label saying CIR 2010. This is negative film for C-41 chemicals only. It is not possible to get a positive/slide as with Aerochrome.

I am loving the results, but due to the lack of source information, I am selling them in 120 format for USD $30 each. See attachments.

Please let me know if you would to try it out. I am scheduling a cut for next week and it helps to know how many people are interested. Of course, I still have some Aerochrome 120 as well.

Dean Bennici

Harald Leban
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Re: Different Color Infrared Film available

Post by Esslinger »

Do you know if there's any more available Harald?
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