C-22/C-41 Cross Process - Is It Possible?

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C-22/C-41 Cross Process - Is It Possible?

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Hi folks. I've got some old Kodak EktacolorType L in 4x5 which is waaay expired and long out of production. It's a C-22 process film. Apparently there are some labs that can and still do process c-22 but I wanted to see if I could give it a go myself. From what I gather, the difference between the two color processes is mainly temperature, though it's more than likely the developers differ chemically as well. Anyway, I've been developing my c-41 negatives with the Rollei Colorchem Kit which has been working great and even allows development of color film at temperatures as low as 75°F, though I've had no experience developing at this temperature as of yet. So I'm planning to give it a try and was hoping that maybe, just maybe someone else has had the same idea, some similar experience or just their two cents to throw in before I begin my little experiment. In any case I will provide an update as to the outcome, be it a miraculous success or a miserable failure. Wish me luck and thanks in advance for any responses.

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Re: C-22/C-41 Cross Process - Is It Possible?

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Sounds like you're breaking new ground, Jeremy. Please keep us posted on how it goes.
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Re: C-22/C-41 Cross Process - Is It Possible?

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You will not get true, pure colors but hey the film is roughly 40 years old, right? C-22 uses CD-3 and C-41 uses CD-4. I would try processing at no more than 75 deg. F. at around 15 minutes for a first try (you don't day how much of this film you have). Expect a bunch of crossover, too. If you Google it you can find folks that have done similar things and official Kodak C-22 formulas as well. Have fun.
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Re: C-22/C-41 Cross Process - Is It Possible?

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If you are still interested in C-22, I have the formulas I used some years ago. You will have to mix it yourself from bulk chemicals in order to process C-22 as no C-22 prepared chemicals are available as far as I know.
I have very limited experience with color negative, I used primarily Ektachrome E-4. At the price of Ektachrome film for E-6 processing, I have no plans for using Ektachrome.
Depending on how it was stored, your C-22 film might be borderline usable, or psychidelic dilly if it will develop at all.
You will need at least a decent triple beam balance and the bulk chemicals to mix it. Perhaps one of the other forum members could mix up a set in bottles for you to try.
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